Adam Sewell. 'CAPTAIN BUZZKILL: Music. Rants. Rambling. Essays. And Interviews.'

Adam Sewell. 'CAPTAIN BUZZKILL: Music. Rants. Rambling. Essays. And Interviews.'

(*Book to ship fall 2024.)

CAPTAIN BUZZKILL: Music. Rants. Rambling. Essays. And Interviews.


Hello everyone - and Happy New Year! Just throwing this out there for anyone who may be interested. I’ve started work on a new - and rather complicated / expansive project featuring a collection of personal essays, explorations of a few music biz “hot topics” (complete with special guest interviews), and a handful of very personal music-related writings that didn’t work in the context of the ‘Howl Like A Wounded Animal: Music Stories Vol. I’ book. Oh yeah… and there’s also a handful of Old Man Sewell “Get Off My Lawn” blatherings and rants that a few of you have mentioned getting a few laughs from over the past few years.

This isn’t “Music Stories Vol. II”, but I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve started a pre-order campaign for the book now in order to help with the overhead expenses, and printing / manufacturing costs. Aiming to do a limited first printing of 100 books with unique artwork. All books will be signed and hand numbered. And anyone who pre-orders the book will get a special “thank you” mention in the actual book. Aiming to mail out the finished books this fall (2024).

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported my work and efforts. Honestly, it’s changed my life, and you have no idea how much I appreciate it. You guys are the best!